Author Turned Corporate Speaker or Corporate Speaker Turned Author?

Marketing Books

Larry’s first book was inspired by sales and marketing author, Harry Beckwith. Larry has long been a fan of Beckwith’s books, Selling the Invisible and Invisible Touch. Beckwith prompted Larry to write his book over dinner in Beckwith’s home town of Minneapolis. Larry agreed, as long as Harry wrote the foreword.

In 2007, Larry released the soon to be best-selling marketing book, Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From?, with Larstan Publishing. In 2010, Larry released an updated second edition with power publishing house Morgan James and again, it rose to best-selling ranks.

Larry is planning the release of his much-anticipated follow-up book, BADASS marketer, which was inspired by his presentations as a corporate speaker. One of Larry’s popular motivational business speaker topics is, “How to be a BADASS marketer and stay a BADASS marketer.” He also inscribes his books with “Be a BADASS marketer” prior to signing them.

BADASS Marketer is anticipated to be released during the first quarter of 2022 and will be available online as well as in bookstores around the country.

When Larry is hired as a corporate speaker and makes his books available for event planners to buy or schedule a book signing, custom logos of event hosts or sponsors can be printed on the inside jacket.

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