Conference Keynote Speaker Testimonials

Larry Bailin did not earn his top rated keynote speaker status by NOT making people happy. As a motivational business speaker, audience members are not only motivated to do great things after hearing Larry speak, they are motivated to let him know just how much they learned.

Testimonial Videos

When people (audience members) tell you that you are the best keynote speaker they have ever seen, well, nothing quite stacks up to that. Take a look and listen to what actual audience members from years of events have to say about top keynote speaker Larry Bailin.

Written Testimonials

They’re not as exciting as videos, not as interactive as audio, but still, there is nothing quite like a written testimonial. It’s the face-to-face of the testimonial world. For a corporate speaker to do such a great job that it moves someone to take the time to sit and write out (type out) a personal note, well that’s just the best.

We’ve had Larry speak at our annual Healthcare Internet Conference twice, most recently in October 2017, and he doesn’t disappoint. He is entertaining, insightful, educational and provocative. I wholeheartedly recommend you consider him when you are looking for an expert on marketing for your meeting, group or team. He’s simply a great speaker and as a bonus, he’s easy to work with in the lead-up to the presentation. Your attendees will love him and his message, and so will you as a meeting planner.
Kathy Divas, Greaystone - Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC)
Larry Bailin delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in recent NAMM Show history. He inspired our members, gave them the push they needed to take their marketing to the next level and left them with a greater perspective on their businesses. He did his research on the industry and also delivered hands-on tactics our members could take home and implement right away. Afterwards, he stayed behind to make sure he met with every attendee one-on-one who had questions. He was easy to work with and received extremely high praise from our members.
Zach Phillips, NAMM
Larry is a brilliant speaker and marketer. Funny, motivating, relatable and knowledgeable. We hired Larry as our Keynote and he was the highlight of our event. Before he left the stage we had already decided to have him speak at our next event.
Stanley Matysiak, GE Home Technologies / AIN Group
For a third year in a row, Larry spoke at our Annual Meeting and provided us with relevant information in a highly entertaining and informative format. Larry knows his stuff and how to customize his presentation to suit the needs of his audience. By knowing the importance of what’s hot and what’s not, Larry zeroed in on the key elements we needed to take away in order to grow our presence in the ever-changing online world.
Glenn Cotton, Bath Fitter Annual Franchise Conference
The ideas were real eye openers. Larry’s straight to the
point, pull no punches style really helped me see new and
unique ways to energize my marketing and sales strategies.
His presentation spoke specifically to the needs in my
industry and he’s super funny!
Erin Joyce, United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Larry spoke to over 1000 people at the conference and was VERY funny, engaging, just an overall great speaker, the best at the conference and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Great topic and breath of knowledge like no other; he knows his stuff. I also read his book on the plane ride back to AZ and loved it.
Sam Taylor, YMCA Global Assembly