Closing Keynote Speaker for Health Care Internet Conference

On October 25th 2017, renowned keynote and conference speaker Larry Bailin will be the closing keynote speaker at the HCIC event in Austin Texas.

HCIC is one of the top events of its type in the Health Care industry. Top healthcare marketers from around the country will attend HCIC for 3 days of educational seminars, events, exhibitors and keynote sessions.

Larry Bailin is returning after his successful keynote at the 19th annual HCIC event in 2015.

“HCIC is a world class event in the Health Care Marketing space and I’m delighted to be back presenting to some of the top marketers in the Health Care industry. I’m presenting a new topic that I’m very excited about that looks at the future of marketing and how success in the future aligns directly to the marketing efforts of today. Lots of value, lots of takeaways and loads of fun as always.”


2020: The Decade of Hindsight and What You Need to Know to Thrive

The last ten years have brought amazing innovation and business change. It has also brought disaster for many brands large and small that failed to adapt with the times. This decade has ushered in unprecedented change in our business climate. Uber, Crowd Funding, Virtual Reality, Sharing Economy, Urgent Care and many other economic drivers were spawned in less than a decade. And 2020 will be a tipping point for healthcare businesses of all sizes. What is coming? Where are the growth opportunities? What needs to be done right now to thrive in the upcoming decade of hindsight? When the ball drops in 2020, will you look back with pride or regret? Learn what we need to know and do right now to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

HCIC is only open to Health Care professionals and marketers. For more information on HCIC or to register to attend, visit the HCIC website.

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