Among the Top Keynote Business Speakers in the Nation

Larry Bailin is a Powerhouse Corporate Speaker

Larry Bailin is funny, motivating, engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring – everything you could ever want rolled up into one corporate speaker.

[QUESTION] How fantastic would it be to hire a business keynote speaker notably considered a pioneer, pacesetter, top of the heap, king of the hill in the marketing, digital marketing and sales ecosystem? [ANSWER] It would be pretty fantastic!

Is Larry Bailin really one of the top business speakers out there today or is this all bravado? No bravado. Larry is considered one of the best business speakers for one simple reason; he cares deeply about his audience’s experience. His reputation as a top business speaker is on the line every single time he steps on stage. There is one thing he values more than your check – his reputation – which is why Larry is a professionally sought-after corporate speaker who is widely acclaimed for his custom-tailored presentations.

Every conference keynote is specifically adapted to the specificity of the audience. Larry has been known to add and change parts of his presentation minutes before stepping on stage, simply based on overhearing a conversation. You can just about guarantee a huge portion of his presentation has never before been seen or heard by anyone, including him!

Once the curtain ascends, the lights spark up and introductions are over, Larry takes the stage as your keynote speaker and fires up the room! Get ready for powerful insights, inspiring energy and unbridled enthusiasm as only a guy from Jersey can deliver. Like a Gatling gun in overdrive, Larry engages the audience with humor and rapid-fire value, take-away after take-away.

Audiences ALWAYS rate Larry as one of the top business speakers they’ve ever seen! So we ask again… isn’t this everything you want in your next corporate speaker? Of course it is, so let’s take the next step and get this corporate speaker on your stage.

Larry Bailin delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in recent NAMM Show history. He inspired our members, gave them the push they needed to take their marketing to the next level and left them with a greater perspective on their businesses. He did his research on the industry and also delivered hands-on tactics our members could take home and implement right away. Afterwards, he stayed behind to make sure he met with every attendee one-on-one who had questions. He was easy to work with and received extremely high praise from our members.
Zach Phillips, NAMM
The ideas were real eye openers. Larry’s straight to the point, pull no punches style really helped me see new and unique ways to energize my marketing and sales strategies. His presentation spoke specifically to the needs in my industry and he’s super funny!
Erin Joyce, United Brotherhood of Carpenters
We’ve had Larry speak at our annual Healthcare Internet Conference twice, most recently in October 2017, and he doesn’t disappoint. He is entertaining, insightful, educational and provocative. I wholeheartedly recommend you consider him when you are looking for an expert on marketing for your meeting, group or team. He’s simply a great speaker and as a bonus, he’s easy to work with in the lead-up to the presentation. Your attendees will love him and his message, and so will you as a meeting planner.
Kathy Divas - Director, Greystone- Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC)