Conference Keynote Speaker

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Not just any business keynote speaker can be a conference keynote speaker. Seemingly, separating these two types of speakers seems like semantics – showmanship at best – but it’s not. A conference keynote speaker must understand the bevy of chaotic moving parts that make for a successful conference.

A professional conference keynote speaker needs to stay on point, keep the session on time, get the audience out to the next event, whether that be another speaker, or time on the exhibit floor.

The difference between a business keynote speaker and conference speaker may seem minimal, until it’s not. If your conference has tight schedules and many moving parts, you want to hire a proven conference keynote; a talented and skilled corporate speaker that has conference keynote experience.

Wait a minute, there’s one right here! Larry is a fantastic, highly acclaimed and experienced conference keynote speaker that has successfully spoken at some of the largest conferences in the world. How lucky are you? We should talk.