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Larry Bailin is a master in all areas of corporate speaking. No matter what your needs, business keynote speaker, session speaker or workshop, large or small venue, classroom or stage, Larry can provide the right experience; a world-class experience that is second to none for your audience.

What makes Larry such a great speaker? Any audience, any size, from 40 to 4,000 will get the same show, the same full throttle effort and foot to the floor energy this top business keynote speaker has become known for. We’ve all seen poor presenters. Speakers claiming to be the best, the top of their game, only to take the stage and present a casserole of nonsense.

In 1984 the heavy metal band Twisted Sister walked onto the stage of the Oneida Casino in Wisconsin to a disappointing 800 people, in a room that handily holds 7,000+.

“I don’t care if there are 4 people in the audience, they came to see a show and they are going to see one of the best they’ve ever seen,” said Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider.

Being a business speaker may not be as cool as fronting for a heavy metal band (it’s close), however, small audience or large, everyone gets the value they deserve.

There is one thing Larry holds in higher regard than your event and that’s his reputation. Over two decades of speaking professionally and he’s proud to say right here in front of god and everyone, no one hates him. Larry has literally spoken to tens of thousands of business people across every industry you can think of; from healthcare to retail and home insurance to veterinary services, yet you won’t find a single poor review, not a single gripe, grievance or contemptible affirmation. Go ahead, search, we’ll wait.

Larry takes his job as a top corporate speaker very seriously and never takes the audiences or event coordinators goals for granted. Everyone, every audience, large or small, will always get his best.

See if Larry is a fit for your event and let’s get on the road to leaving your audience in astonishment as to what they can truly achieve with the right motivation.

If you’re in the market for a great business speaker, look no further. Let’s talk.