Motivational Business Speaker, Larry Bailin

One of the Best Business & Keynote Speakers Available

Larry has been speaking since he was two, but professionally for the last two decades.

Widely considered one of the best business speakers to descend upon the stage, (that’s not hyperbole, check out the speaker testimonials) Larry is most at home in front of an audience, dispersing important truths and lively quips – it’s almost existential.

Larry is everything you’re looking for in a corporate speaker, but he’s much more than just a conference speaker. Larry is considered a marketing authority, a disruptive and successful sales expert and a digital pioneer.

If you’re looking to create some groundswell around your event, you don’t want to gloss over the fact that you’re one step away from connecting with a corporate speaker that can deliver a soliloquy of knowledge wrapped tightly in an onslaught of value to your audience.

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