The better the experience, the better the outcome.

Creating engaging content for your customers is a key component to winning now, and in the future.

  1. 360 degree content can be used in many formats. Mobile devices have gyroscopes that allow users to physically move their phones, tilt, turn and spin, to see a full 360 degrees within a photo or video that was captured with a specialized 360 degree camera.
  2. On your desktop you can use your mouse to pinch / grab a photo or video, and drag your way around. experiencing the full depth, height and width of an image or video.
  3. VR googles, whether Google cardboard or something a little more substantial such as Samsung’s VR headset, allows for a fully immersive 360 degree experience.
  4. 360 degree content can be posted on YouTube, your website or Facebook.

You can purchase 360 degree cameras relatively inexpensively and start creating immersive content for you customers.
Here are two cameras that I would recommend to get started and both are around $300.

Samsung Gear VR.

The Gear VR is the camera I use most to create 360 degree content. The camera works best with a thin tripod. It’s small and easy to use.

Ricoh Theta S

THe Ricoh Theta S is a great portable camera that is easy to use, hold and has all the features you’ll need ot create great immersive 360 degree content.

360 Degree Videos

Here is a great 360 degree video from the musical, School of Rock.

Video from my NAMM presentation – Terry Bozzio DW “Big Kit”


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